Flexlogi has a personalized space where you can store your product 365 days a year, in an orderly and safe manner with an extensive service schedule, which also allows us to serve you diligently , your queries and the attention that your orders require

We have an email that we attend and respond to continuously, as well as a personalized telephone service, which we also try to respond to immediately.

We collect imports at airports and ports, also dealing with the administrative management of merchandise in Customs, including processing possible payments of duties and taxes that may entail.

We take care of managing the stocks and we advise of the level of reserve and possible breakdown of stock .

We manage all processes electronically.

What we offer?

MIENTRAS NUESTRO CLIENTE SE OCUPA DE LA GESTIÓN COMERCIAL, nosotros nos ocupamos de su logística y distribución

FernandoDirector de Flexlogi

Logística de calidad

La calidad de nuestra empresa no solo se basa en los productos y servicios de los que nos ocupamos, sino que también de las otras facetas de nuestro negocio: comerciales, relaciones personales y comunicación.


Flexlogi es una empresa innovadora que se dedica al almacenamiento, distribución, logística de productos y entrega.


Nuestra idea nace por la necesidad de poder ofrecer un apoyo a los clientes que precisen de ayuda para planificar e implementar necesidades y las expectativas respecto a los servicios de micro-logística en su negocio, y que quieran prestar su confianza a nuestra profesionalidad.

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With Flexlogi you will have:

Synchronization of stock, products and orders
Merchandise distribution throughout Europe
Track shipments in real time
Returns and exchanges management
Packaging customization for boxes and containers
Resources for integration with your store
Design and development of your store with maintenance

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